Sta Brite® RWater-Based Roof Protector and Stain

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CuSol®-5 Wood Preservative

Home treated with Sta Brite

Specially formulated for long-lasting protection and renewal of new or restored cedar roofs.

Protect your cedar shake/shingle roofs, siding and fences from sunlight and moisture with the long-lasting and environmentally responsible protection of Sta Brite® R. It works to enhance or restore the natural beauty of your wood, while guarding against deterioration long after other coatings let moisture reach the wood and cause decay, mold and fungus problems. In fact, treating with Sta Brite R can restore and extend the life of your cedar roof for a fraction of a new roof replacement cost.

Quick Facts

  • Water-repellent and weather-resistant cedar wood protection.
  • Enhances the natural beauty of exterior wood.
  • Helps prevent deterioration from sunlight and moisture exposure.
  • Extends or even doubles the service life of cedar roofs.
  • Protects wood against cupping, curling and warping.
  • Water-based, environmentally friendly formulation.
  • Minimal odor and no concerns about VOC emissions.
  • Available in six appealing stain colors: Cedar, Brown, Dark Brown, Light Gray, Medium Gray and Charcoal.

Sta Brite R ColorsSta Brite R Colors