Factory Colors for WOODguard® and WOODguard® XL

A cozy home

WOODguard and WOODguard XL are available from ISK Biocides in clear and six factory colors: Dark Walnut, Honey 2000, Honey, Tawny Cypress, Iron Gray and Warm Pecan.

Eastern White Pine

  • Eastern White Pine_Clear
  • Eastern White Pine_Honey Base
  • Eastern White Pine_Tawny Cypress
  • Eastern White Pine_Dark Walnut
  • Eastern White Pine_Honey 2000
  • Eastern White Pine_Warm Pecan
  • Eastern White Pine_Iron Gray

Southern Yellow Pine


PLEASE NOTE: The samples shown above are not an exact representation of true colors. Colors for WOODguard and WOODguard XL generally look very similar, although in some cases, WOODguard XL colors can appear more vivid. Many factors can impact the end result with stain colors, including the wood’s color, the specific application, how the wood was cleaned, even an individual’s subjective view of the color.  Upon request, ISK Biocides will happily supply product samples for testing on actual wood pieces to help our customers determine the WOODguard color best suited to their needs.

Custom & General Tinting Guidelines

Any color not shown above must be custom-mixed by your dealer or paint store. The colors listed above cannot be matched exactly by a dealer or paint store machine tint addition, but can be close enough to satisfy your requirements.  To assure a uniform color tint, it’s recommended that you purchase an ample supply of WOODguard from one source for the entire project.

When using tinted/pigmented WOODguard, stir frequently during use to ensure even distribution.  To simplify retreating, keep a record of where your WOODguard product was purchased, the tint/color used on your project, and the lot number (found on the white sticker below the CPC code).